Beeld Lavender grace

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Beeld Lavender grace

May all your senses be filled with healing grace

Prachtig beeld ontworpen door Susan Lordi.

Een mooi cadeau

Height: 14.0cm
Width: 7.5cm
Depth: 5.5cm
Het beeld zit verpakt in een mooie geschenkdoos.
Susan Lordi schrijft hierover:
“A field of lavender never fails to take my breath away. You experience lavender through all your senses – not only its aromatic fragrance, but its pure visual beauty... its form is uplifting, and the color is gorgeous. In any garden, it’s a standout. It even tastes good! Speaking as a gardener, lavender is just good for the soul – and so, it heals. I wanted this piece to be a healing piece. But it also could be seen as a piece about strength. She’s looking up; her stance is strong and uplifted, like lavender. I named her Lavender Grace... perhaps she could remind you of someone who exemplifies a life of beauty and grace.” 
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