Beeld moeder omarmt dochter - close to me -

Artikelnummer: E26222
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Beeld Moeder omarmt dochter - close to me -

Close to me "Apart or together, always close to me"
Height: 20.0cm
Width: 8.0cm
Depth: 6.0cm
Materiaal: Resin

Ontwerpster Susan Lordi schrijft hier het volgende over:

The sentiment applies to any age… a child going away to camp, a teenager leaving for college… the message is the same.
The intertwined images carved on the figures’ dresses visually echo this sentiment.
I understand this piece from both sides — having been a daughter,
and having gone through the experience of raising a daughter to adulthood.
I hope both mothers and daughters will connect to the emotions of this piece.

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