Beeld omringd door liefde - surrounded by love -

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Beeld omringd door liefde

Prachtig beeld met een vrouw en een bos bloemen.
Omringd door liefde

Surrounded by Love 
Abundant love surrounds you
Susan Lordi schrijft hierover:
“I wanted to make a figure with her face in the flowers, taking them in with her senses — smelling them, feeling the petals against her face; feeling safe in that surround. So this piece could say to someone that they are loved by those around them… if a person is experiencing difficulty, it could be a reminder of family and friends who support and are there for them. Or it could be a way to say to one special person that all of your love is surrounding them (more of a romantic interpretation)… or just a little gift for someone who loves to garden… I like that people read this piece differently. The choice of red poppies was influenced by trips to France, seeing fields of poppies. The red poppy symbolizes remembrance, so this piece could be a tribute to those who served our country.”
Beeld is 13 cm hoog, breedte 5 cm en diepte 6 cm
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