Beeld uitbundig omringd door bloemen -abundance -

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Beeld uitbundig omringd door bloemen - abundance -

So much love!
Susan Lordi schrijft hierover:
“I think that a rose is one of the most beautiful natural objects that we can – carefully – hold in our hands. We enjoy the intoxicating scent, the silk-velvet touch, the perfect form. They unfold and give forth their fragrance; they’re intimate and draw you in…
“So this piece could be a gift to a mother or friend or Valentine, or someone you’re wishing well. Sometimes it’s nice to give a gift to let someone know that they are a gift in your life.
“I wanted the bouquet to be overflowing – more than enough – to express abundant feelings for someone, or the abundant goodness a person shares with others.”
Beeld is 14 cm hoog, 6,5 cm breed en 6,5 cm diep
Wordt geleverd in een geschenkverpakking
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