Tree free cards

Tree Free cards

Tree-Free was founded in 1999 with the goal of being the most transparent, most environmentally friendly greeting card company. At the time, the only “green” alternative was Recycled Greetings, and Steve Silverstein, the founder of Tree-Free, picked up a Recycled card and couldn’t find out what the recycled content was, whether it was post consumer recycled, and whether there was a way to do things better.

Tree-Free has printed their cards on a variety of different papers leading up to the present, starting with Kenaf, a fast growing plant related to the hibiscus. We have printed on bamboo, on hemp, and most recently on 100% bagasse (sugarcane waste pulp). Currently, we are focused on using post consumer recycled paper. About 35% of municipal solid waste by weight is paper and paper products. At Tree-Free, we are committed to reversing this trend.