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Chakra meditation set Engels

Chakra Meditation - Alberto Zanellato

A meditation tool based on the 7 chakra, including 7 between stones and crystals and a double sided Mandala board. Contains 7 chakra crystals in Natural stone.

Wisdom is a journey
Tap into the astonishing powers of the chakras for remarkable insights and guidance on your journey through the cosmos. Inspired by a very old tradition, this oracle includes seven crystals with a carrying bag, a two-sided folding divination board, and a guidebook for unsurpassed spiritual revelations.
The fabulous guidebook helps you explore how the chakras connect with the six ancient Hindu sciences, yoga, and the wisdom of Vedic astrology.
This creative kit is sure to inspire a transformative journey of deep self-awareness and serenity.

English | Book Mandala board | 9780738766447

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