Queen of the night keramiek tegel 20 x 25 cm

Artikelnummer: SD Queen of the Night tegel
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Queen of the night keramiek tegel 20 x 25 cm 

Prachtige keramiek tegel met de opdruk van Queen of the night

Deze tegel wordt in een seal verpakking afgeleverd en kan worden opgehangen.

Queen of the Night

Sweeping majestically across the moonlit sky, the Queen of the Night keeps watch over the sleeping world.
As she travels in the company of her many inquisitive nocturnal friends, she carries within her cloak many unborn stars and planets, sparkling wonders ready to be flung into the night-time collage in some distant sky.
Her vast domain encompasses our own heavens and beyond to unknown galaxies.
All is kept safe and sound under her gentle and eternal protection.
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