Voyage to Murrlis Sea tegel 20 x 25 cm

Artikelnummer: SD Voyage to Murrlis Sea tegel
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Voyage to Murrlis Sea keramiek tegel 20 x 25 cm 

Prachtige keramiek tegel met de opdruk van Voyage to Murrlis Sea

Deze tegel wordt in een seal verpakking afgeleverd en kan worden opgehangen.

Voyage to Murrlis Sea

Love is like a mysterious ship that can carry us on a voyage of the imagination. Gentle music serenades the travellers on this mystical vessel as the wind wafts through the harp on the lion figurehead.
Within its shell mast the ship carries an exotic land, while its hold overflows with many gifts, which are, like love, filled with magic and beyond any expectation.
A clue to the inspiration of this image is in the title.
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