Beeld moeder en baby - for always -

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Beeld Moeder baby for always

"Now and for always, I carry you in my heart"
Willow Tree, ontwerp Susan Lordi
Height: 17.5cm
Width: 6.5cm
Depth: 8.0cm
Materiaal: Resin

Ontwerpster Susan Lordi schrijft hier het volgende over:

"I wanted this pose to evoke a feeling of being completely in the present with your child—the weight, the scent, the feel... sharing with each other the silent vow that you will be there for always.
"The months of infancy are like none other, maybe because you feel the baby is still part of you...
baby and mother still as one, nothing can come between.
The essential promise that a mother makes to her child, to love and protect forevermore, is unconditional."
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