Beeld herinnering - remember -

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Beeld herinnering - remember -

Always I will remember.

Beeld Remember is een bijzonder cadeau als afscheidscadeau of als gedenkbeeldje.

De herinnering blijft.

Hoogte 14cm, breedte 5 cm en diepte 4 cm

Dit beeld wordt in een geschenkverpakking geleverd.

Susan Lordi schrijft hierover:

"Her gesture could be a reference to memory of an event; a friend or loved one; or a significant point in a relationship. It can be a ‘miss-you’ piece — a symbol for when someone is absent, or given as a gift when you want someone to remember you. It can be a reminder of someone who is not with you, but still very present. This is a very personal piece in that it could represent an emotional time that is known or shared by just the giver and the receiver.” –Susan Lordi
A gift to express sympathy, comfort, remembrance and healing.
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